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2022 Publication: Scrounge

2022 Publication: Scrounge

Dec 30, 2021

Scrounge is the story of Carol, a disabled mother, reapplying for PIP. Her daughter and carer, Hannah, is doing her best to support her mother and her friend, Abby - who has a new job assessing disabled applicants for the DWP.

This political theatrical script is important as it confronts our idea of "the deserving poor vs the fair and wise scrutiny of the government" and reveals a system that hurts people.

"Scrounge is a seething piece of theatre that looks its foes dead in the eye as it mercilessly takes them down... this is a gutturally angry work of realism." - Norwich Radical

Scrounge focuses on the horrendous impact that the Conservative government has had on disabled people via the notoriously troubled Personal Independence Payment (PIP). Essentially a welfare cut, the move from DLA to PIP traumatises disabled people and has claimed the lives of thousands in the UK.

This play was written based on new reports, verbatim ableism, and in combination with my own experiences with the DWP.

"I would quite like to tie a few selfish MPs to some seats and make them listen to the effects of their heartlessness on real people." - Norwich Eye

The play is available for £9.99 per copy at WaterstonesBarnes & Nobel, and Amazon.

"Plunges you into reality with fantastically written characters and a clearly broken system... it is impossible not to be moved." - Iceni Post

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"With extraordinary openness... [Marie is] a person who makes theatre to make change." - Concrete

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