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‘Love Language’

‘Love Language’

Apr 25, 2023

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I've often heard the term 'love language,' but never before have I looked up the exact definition.

This morning while making the kid's lunches, I pondered the subject, and wondered, "What is my love language?"

I often have people tell me what they think it is, but I've never actually sculpted my thoughts on it.

I was surprised to find that there are five recognized love languages!

I read the first 'Gift Giving' - "Oh yeah! That's me for sure!" I thought.

Then I read the second 'Quality Time' - "Wait, maybe this one is me?'

Three 'Physical Touch' - "Mom, I love when you snuggle me!" (No! I am this one for sure.)

Four 'Words of Affirmation' - I laughed at this one, as I had just had a breakfast conversation with both of my littles.

I told them I feel so fortunate to be able to say how proud I am of, and for them.

"Of course you are!! You're our Mom!" said the littlest.

"Well," I continued, "I don't think that automatically means I have to feel proud of you. My Love for you is certainly unconditional, but that has more to do with ME. My feelings of being proud have more to do with YOU and the kinds of people you are becoming."

At this point, I peaked the boy's attention.

“I am proud of how you are both, in your particular ways, strong, wise, capable, kind, compassionate, caring, giving, and loving humans. These are things YOU are, and that makes ME feel proud. I feel so fortunate to be able to say that to you."

I got nods of understanding before they dashed off to brush their teeth.

Finally the fifth Love Language is 'Acts of Service' - "Well, that sounds like me also..."

"Can I be all the things?” I wondered.

I see myself in all of these languages. These are all ways in which I give or show Love. How I like to receive Love is a bit simpler and an entirely different list.






I am reflecting on this a lot lately and finding myself immensely grateful for the life I get to live. My children are happy and healthy. I am married to my best friend. I place paramount importance on my mental and physical health, and as a result, I feel pretty great in my skin at this stage in my life. I am surrounded by wonderful people who show me, healthy Love. My family is healing old wounds in the wake of devastation, and it feels like a dream sometimes. Then I remind myself that it is. It's mine.

Even though I have chosen to step back from focusing on music as my main career, I continue to play and write music that I am the most proud of.

I am content with my path. I am choosing to be a Mom as my most important role. I am getting a little teary here as I write this. I believe a happy childhood is the foundation of all things. I feel my job is to help create that for them. I am doing my best to ensure this for my kiddos by sharing with them all MY love languages.

These are the kinds of things I will be talking about at my upcoming Mother's Day show with my musical guest and dear friend, D'Eve Archer

May 14th, 2-4 pm MATINEE

Tickets $25

Smiths Falls Station Theatre

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