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Ancient and Sacred Trees - Celebrating, Connecting, Planting and Protecting.

Apr 10, 2024

Hello Everyone!

I thought it would be a good idea to write about Ancient and Sacred Trees a volunteer not for profit tree planting and protection community project that I founded.

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The Mission and Aims of Ancient and Sacred Trees Project

Planting and Protecting Trees For Woodland, Wildlife and Well Being In Britain and the Tropics
Co-Guardians of Wild Spirit Woods in the heart of Britain.

​The formal objectives of the group for people are:

  • Encourage people to engage with their environment.

  • Support mental health and well being

  • A safe place for people to come together to share their love of trees and the natural world.

  • Open access community for all regardless of age, income, creed, colour, nationality, belief system or gender. 

  • People and trees speak for themselves

  • Encourage people to regard nature as a sacred place and a Place Of Worship

For Trees they are:

  • Promote tree planting and rewilding

  • Protect our living landscape and encourage the wild to return

  • Promote personal connection with the natural world through trees

  • Encourage personal connection as a means to promote health and well being of trees, land and people.

  • Promote knowledge and understanding of trees. 

  • Promote traditional folklore, crafts and related skills of native people with a view to understanding, and therefore protecting, our natural native inheritance. 

The community is run on an unpaid volunteer basis.

Planting and protecting trees and people on the land where they live.
We are guardians of Wild Spirit Woods in the heart of Britain.

  • PlanetTree Healing In Action planting trees from your armchair with Ancient and Sacred Trees.

  • ​Being open and ethical in all that we do for the good of all on this planet

  • ​Managing a safe and welcoming space for all online

  • ​Promoting education and inspiration of trees and nature.

  • Managing our website & social media with inspiring and informative content 

  • ​Managing an informative and entertaining blog where members can join in with creating content.

  • ​Enabling members to contribute to group activities by leading or participating

  • ​Enabling members to plant and protect trees with us

  • Enabling the voice of the planet to be heard

  • ​Enabling members to exchange ideas, information and inspiration

  • ​Creating opportunities for members to meet and learn both on and offline.

  • ​Enabling members voices to be heard

  • ​Tending to our guardianship of Wild Spirit Woods

People will only protect what they love. 

The aim of this community is to engage people with nature through trees and themselves.

  • Too often we feel powerless to effect positive change but this community changes that!

  • We are not a faceless organisation, we are about people and nature.

  • It is by members, for members, for trees.

  • This is for you. 

  • This community has been set up as a FREE resource for the benefit of all. We have a website, Facebook business page and Facebook groups.

I have been running Ancient and Sacred Trees on a volunteer basis since 2014 for ten years! All the money raised goes to plant and protect trees. So far that total is 5,000 across the UK and the Tropics.

Ancinet and Sacred Trees Is A Labour of Love.

AST is VOLUNTEER RUN with ALL money (aside from merchant banking fees) going to protect and plant trees! Now you can join the new AST membership with lovely photos, films and more!

If you would like to support me in this work you can buy me a coffee :-)


Amanda Claire

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