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Top 5 Best Places You Must Visit in Onta ...

Top 5 Best Places You Must Visit in Ontario, Canada

Sep 01, 2022

I personally want to recommend these places to visit in Ontario, because I am from Ontario! Not only do I know all of these spots well, I even live close to Algonquin Park!

So I can guarantee you will enjoy these places to visit during any time of the year, just as much as we do!

Make sure to add these places to your bucket list of places to travel!!

1. Algonquin Park

Algonquin Provincial Park is a provincial park located between Georgian Bay and the Ottawa River in Ontario, Canada. I wanted to bring this one park up first because it is one of the most popular park in all of Ontario, and Canada.

It is also an important for wildlife research to keep tabs on Ontario’s local wildlife population.

Ontario has a very healthy population of moose, wolves, black bears, whitetail deer, and even a very small, and important group of elk that were reintroduced back into Ontario after being wiped out by humans a long time ago. These are just some of the larger animals Ontario has to offer.

It is widely loved by all nature lovers, anglers, photographers, campers and hikers. There are so many year round activities that Algonquin Park has to offer. Cross-country skiing, horseback riding, canoeing, fishing, mountain biking and so thousands of guided trails!

Algonquin Provincial Park | Ontario, Canada | The Friends of Algonquin Park

Take a look at their website, gather any info you may need, pack your bags and get ready to travel!

P.s. They also have live webcams you can watch of the birds, or whatever else they are showing that day.

2. The Grotto

This is one place in Ontario that is special to me. Before COVID hit, my family would have family reunions every year here. It is definitely one unforgettable secret getaway that Ontario has to offer.

One of the best places to visit is Tobermory, The Grotto. We have always known about how special Tobermory was. Its shipwrecks have attracted us to its icy waters since 2000 when we started scuba diving. Beautiful turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, camping galore!

We used to have this beautiful coast on the Bruce Peninsula all to ourselves. Today, you need to make a reservation to see the turquoise waters shimmering in a cave. But with tourism now restricted due to COVID, perhaps it is time to see it again without the crowds!

Another mention, check out Little Cove Adventures!

This outdoor adventure park hosts a wide variety of unique outdoor activities. There are Ropes Courses that you can use to traverse through the arena between trees and poles and face different obstacles. Placed high above the ground, it’s great source of exercise and fun for the whole family. Little Cove Adventures also has small rustic cabins for families to relax and enjoy nature.

Tobermory is just full of endless fun activities to do, especially with the family and kids, it will keep you busy and outdoors all week long!

Read more: The Best Things to do in Tobermory, Ontario

I want to personally recommend some items you should consider purchasing and bringing along with you when you are traveling, and/or hiking through any wilderness.

I live out in the bush, so I have a lot of these items already, ready to go for when I take a day hiking down the trails near our house, or especially during the cold winter months during hunting season.

Its always best to be prepared!

Hiking Backpack 50L Travel Camping Backpack with Rain Cover

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3. Niagara Falls!

I am so excited to tell you about this one!! Why? Because this is where my fiancé proposed to me! So Niagara Falls has a special place in my heart now, and I can personally recommend everything I post as we spent 4 days there having the time of our lives!

If you haven’t heard of Niagara Falls then you probably live under a rock! But I doubt that is the case! :)

Fun Facts:

  • Niagara Falls is a group of 3 waterfalls spanning between the Niagara Gorge, the border of Ontario, Canada and New York!

  • The largest of the falls is the Horseshoe Falls which is located on the Canadian side.

  • The water comes from Lake Erie, and drains into Lake Ontario.

  • Horseshoe Falls is just over 160ft in height!

  • Niagara Falls is also the most powerful waterfall in North America!

Niagara Falls also just isn’t a waterfall, it is a bustling city full of life and activity all year long. There is an unbelievable amount of stuff that you can do there, you wouldn’t be able to get to it all in a week!

In the 4 days my fiancé and I were there, we only got to experience maybe half of what Niagara has to offer, and we plan to go back but next time we are bringing the kids! There are a ton of fun activities for the kids too!

They even have the Mario Kart Go Karts there! (Unfortunately we didn’t get to try those out because the lineup was insanely long, so I recommend if you want to go, plan ahead, and get in line EARLY!)

The Skytower is also a place you could go see as well, as it is over 500ft high, with only really, really, fast elevators to take you to the top, and back down again. At the top it features a spinning high end restaurant! With perfect views of the falls, and fireworks at night!

P.s. The Helicopter tours are awesome, super fun, and super affordable! No wait lines, you get a quick safety video, and in you go!

One more thing I want to recommend that you should see is the SkyWheel. That is where my fiance actually proposed to me, in one of the pods, at the very top of the SkyWheel!
It is beautifully lit up at night, lighting up all of Niagara Falls, the line up doesn’t take too long to get through, and you have a great view of the city and the falls!

I could honestly sit here and go on and on about all the fun things that Niagara Falls has to offer, but that would end up with me having to write a novel!

4. Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is a town in Grey County that consists of a plethora of small communities. That includes Thornbury, Clarksburg, Heathcote, Christie Beach and Ravenna. This location is picturesque in the summer months and phenomenal during “apple season” in the autumn, but the town is most popular for its mountains.

It is known to have not the greatest, but simply the best, ski village in Ontario. If you aren’t in the mood for skiing or snowboarding, then take a look at Blue Mountain Village and enjoy a cup of coffee at one of the cafes or a meal in one of the many restaurants in the village.

What To Do

  • Explore and Shop in Blue Mountain Village.

  • Go Downhill Skiing and sky-boarding.

  • Gondola Ride

  • Try Ziplining

  • Head-Up the Climbing Wall.

  • Try a Spin on the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster.

  • Hike the Trails.

  • Mountain Biking.

I will be honest, I have never been to the Blue Mountains yet! When I first moved to Ontario and learned that Ontario even had mountains, I didn’t believe it. I am from British Columbia, which is lined with the rocky mountains (real mountains to me), so naturally I am drawn to them and their beauty.
When I do go visit the Blue Mountains, I will be sure to leave an update here for you!

I have no doubt they will be picture perfect and amazing!

5. Canada’s Wonderland!

And last but not least, the world famous, Canada’s Wonderland!!

What can anyone not say about Canada’s Wonderland?! I mean, its pure fun! For you, for her, for him, for the kids, everyone!

Located in Vaughan, Ontario it definitely deserves its place in the top 5 places to visit in Ontario!

We tend to drive by here daily and my poor kids are just dying to go! All I hear is “Mom we have to go there! Turn around Mom! Let’s go on the rides!”. I feel so bad on the days when we can’t actually go. I guess I’ll have to book a weekend for a family fun trip soon!

Here are the top 5 rides at Canada’s Wonderland:

Just looking at these rides, I am dying to go right now. I might have to make some weekend plans!
But if you and your family are looking to go, they have affordable weekend passes, or just day passes as well! Hotels nearby to stay at if you are farther than a days drive away.

They always have events happening, and with Halloween right around the corner they will be hosting a ton of fun Halloween activities for the family, as well as haunted houses!

Amusement Park in Ontario | Toronto Attractions | Canada’s Wonderland (

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