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Easy Ways to Make Money on the Homestead

Easy Ways to Make Money on the Homestead

Sep 01, 2022

If you are one of the few lucky ones to have the opportunity to live on a homestead, then you are already on the right track to saving money from your homestead. Finding easy ways to save money on your homestead is right under your nose, you just have to be a little crafty!

Becoming self-sufficient and starting a homestead can help many of us lead a debt free life. Living a more frugal lifestyle while taking advantage of the natural resources around you can put you on a path to financial security, as well as a sense of being within yourself.

Not only can homesteading help you out financially, but mentally and physically as well.

Wouldn’t you want to live a life that can pay for itself while you are living your best life?

Spend Less, Save More

It’s important to take all of your lists and form a budget. Keep a close eye on your spending and constantly evaluate if there are any unnecessary expenses you can cut out. Focus on building a savings that you can invest into keeping up your homestead.

Lead a more simple lifestyle by selling what you aren’t using (electronics, appliances, clothing) and get rid of any clutter or junk. Have a yard sale, bring your things to a thrift store, or sell anything you don’t need locally online.

Owning a homestead while focusing on sustainability will allow you to have different forms of seasonal income. Instead of having to go out and buy more, you can create and use your own source of food and homemade household objects. Once you start saving and preserving, you will always have your own inventory.

If you need a boost to start your budgeting, I have created 3 different styles of budgeting lists for you to choose from and download. Print out what you need, and start writing down your finances.
You can access them here. Multichoice Budgeting Printables.

Have you ever thought about how the seasons can affect life on the homestead? Did you know that you can benefit from every season and diversify your income? Let’s learn some easy ways to save money on your homestead!


Chickens, Quail, Ducks, Geese, Beekeeping, Goats, Turkey, & Pigs

Sell Eggs

Chickens are great animals to raise on the homestead. Not only will you have a limitless supply of eggs for your family during most of the year, you can also sell the eggs.

Look at my list of Breeds of Chicken You Never Knew You Wanted for a list of chickens, when choosing chickens.

Thinking about selling eggs? Check out an in-depth guide on How to Sell Your Chicken Eggs. You can also sell your duck, geese, quail and turkey eggs, for slightly more than chicken eggs and these other eggs are considered a delicacy. (FYI goose eggs are best for baking, look at goose egg recipes here for some ideas!)

Sell Hatching Eggs

Not only can you sell eggs for eating, you can also sell eggs for hatching. Make extra money from your coop by selling fertilized eggs. Here is a complete guide on How to Sell Hatching Eggs to Make A Profit.

Sell Poultry

Sell individual day-old chicks from your flock. Here is a guide on how you can make extra income by Starting a Small Scale Hatchery on your farm. Another way to make money is to raise and sell laying hens. Raise your chicks until they are at the point of laying.

Here is a complete guide on How to Sell Laying Hens to Make A Profit.


Sell Honey

We know that bees can be great for pollination in your garden. Not only that, you can sell the honey from your hives. Raw, local honey is always in high demand. Beekeeping 101 is a great guide that will get you started.

Sell Beeswax

With keeping bees comes lots of beeswax. Sell your extra beeswax to salve makers and crafters. Here is a comprehensive guide on How to Raise Honey Bees for Profit, more easy ways to save money.


Save & Sell Seeds

Make sure to save your heirloom seeds at the end of the season. Use them next year, and sell the seeds you don’t need. You can sell seeds and plant starts locally at farmers markets and even online. Here is a post I found really helpful that is all about What you Need to Know Before Starting a Personal Seed Bank.

Ready to start selling? Take a look at How to Make Money Growing Plants at Home.

Grow & Sell Produce

You can grow and sell the vegetables, fruits and herbs you grow at your local farmers market. You can also sell produce boxes locally. Check out this guide on How to Grow a Garden for Profit. The key to success is to find out what will sell the best and what produce will make the most profit.

(I actually have a family member who owns and runs a 300 acre vegetable farm who makes a killing by selling their produce, people LOVE fresh anything from farms.)

Grow & Sell Cut Flowers

Along with produce you grow, you can also sell cut flowers at your local farmers market. You could also create your own local bouquet subscription and supply flowers for local weddings. Here is an extensive guide on How to Make Money With Cut Flowers.

Split & Sell Perennial Plants

Once you own a perennial plant, you can easily split them once they become overcrowded. Plants like hosta, daylily and phlox can be easily divided every few years. Not only can you fill in your gardens with more plants, but you can also have a plant sale to sell any you don’t need.

This guide, When and How to Divide Common Perennials is super helpful. Ready to have your first plant sale? Check out How to Conduct a Plant Sale for some great tips.

Make & Sell Your Own Compost

Along with raising animals comes poop. Lots of it! Not only can you reinvest your compost into your land, but you can also sell it. You can sell horse manure, cow manure and chicken manure and more. Check out these 7 Types of Manure and How to Use Them on the Homestead.

Household and Homemade

Make & Sell Preserved Goods (Pickled, Fermented, Dehydrated)

When you have your own garden, it’s easy to preserve your goods to use all year round. Once you start doing this, you can easily sell your extras. Ready to get started?

I highly recommend this Beginner’s Guide to Fermentation. Another helpful resource I’ve used is The Ultimate Guide to Quick Pickled Vegetables. If you are interested in learning more about dehydrating, check out The Ultimate Guide to Dehydrating Your Garden’s Bounty.

We enjoy canning anything we can at our home. For a little cost, it is easy to get started, and you can preserve anything from meat, soups, jams & jellies, veggies, fruits, etc. that will last you years to come. It is also much cheaper than heading to the store to buy these items each time you run out.

I recommend getting yourself these products to get started canning if that is what you are looking to do. We have these at home and it is one of the best investments we have ever made! This is a wonderful way to save money.

Make & Sell Dried Herbs (Culinary, Medicinal, Spices)

Culinary and medicinal herbs are easy and beneficial to grow on the homestead. Dried herbs are perfect for teas, tinctures, rubs, in cooking and so much more. Take a look at Herbs That Sell Best — Making a Profit Selling Herbs for more in-depth information.

Looking to start making tinctures? This guide, Making Homemade Tinctures: A Beginners Guide has great information.

One of the most popular spices you can grow is turmeric. I just started growing it this past season. I was inspired by this helpful article How to Grow Turmeric.

Make & Sell Homemade Goods (Soaps, Lotions, Candles)

There are so many different goods you can make when you live on a homestead. Soaps, lotions, candles, essential oils, seasonal wreaths, spa treatments and so much more. If you have livestock and an herb garden, you can easily make soap. Here is a great guide, Natural Soap Making for Beginners.

Looking for some lotion ideas? Check out my favorite one, How to Make Skin Soothing Rose Lotion Bars.

Beeswax candles naturally smell amazing and can purify the air. Check out How to Make Beeswax Candles to learn more.

Make & Sell Homemade Treats (Jams, Jellies, Breads) — There is always a market for delicious treats. When you’re already preserving food for your family, you can easily sell off any excess you have. If you take the time to do it right, your garden goodies will be in high demand in no time.

Get started with this guide, Step-by-Step Guide to Canning Jam and Jellies.

There are all sorts of seasonal breads you can make and sell. Ready to give it a try? Check out How to Master the Art of Bread Baking. One of my favorites this season is Classic Pumpkin Bread.

I hope I’ve provided you with some easy ways to save money ideas to get you started that will help you make and save money on the homestead. As you keep expanding your homestead, you will keep finding new and creative ways to generate income. Sticking to a plan, setting attainable goals and sticking to a budget will lead you in the right direction!

Remember to get your free digital budget planners to help you get started on this amazing journey! I promise you it is something worth trying!

I also want to help you with your goals and planning by offering you my 100-page 12 month planner notebook. It will help you stay organized when you are starting out your homesteading business, maybe you already have started but need more organization.

And I lowered the price just for you because we all need a chance to save money and I want to see you succeed in your homesteading journey, so rather than paying the regular $28.98 price, you can get it here for only $7 now!

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