Do emotional support animals really help ...

Do emotional support animals really help?

Mar 29, 2023

As the proud owner of an emotional support dog, I cannot overstate how life-changing it is. When I adopted Cappy, I had no idea how much he would affect my mental health and well-being.

For years, I've been struggling with anxiety and depression, often feeling alone. When I brought my dog home, I instantly connected with him. He made me feel calmer and less lonely. And actually, he adopted me, I was looking for a dog at the shelter and he jumped over me, like saying "let's go human I know I'm the one for you, the search has finished"

Emotional support Dogs provide unconditional love and companionship. My dog always supports me. He's always there to cuddle with me or sit with me and leave me alone when needed.

My dog also made me more outgoing. Before he did, I was too anxious to socialize. I feel more confident and less alone with my dog. He eases social awkwardness. And by the way, he has his own WhatsApp group with other dog owners from the neighborhood.

Cappy also improves my physical health. I get more exercise and fresh air from our daily walks. My dog also senses when I'm sad or anxious. He often nudges me to play or walk, which helps me focus on the present.

Cappy has changed my life. He assists me in dealing with anxiety, depression, and social anxiety. He's my lifeline, and I'm grateful for him each and every day.

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This is my ESA dog, Cappy. If you want you can follow him on Instagram:


Then I saw the worst was over
When I laid my eyes on you
It was all that I could do to know my place

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