Simpson Desert | Madigan Line & Hay Rive ...

Simpson Desert | Madigan Line & Hay River Part 1 ALLOFFROAD [2022]

Sep 21, 2022

On this Simpson Desert 4wd Adventure, we are only two cars, Steve in his Landcruiser Troop Carrier and myself with my 13-year-old daughter Summer in the Landcruiser 105. In this episode, we are making our way towards the Simpson Desert and Explorer along the Oodnadatta Track. I always wanted to sleep inside one of the Old Siding Stations, and my wish came true this time. Old Peak Telegraph station is something I drove past many times (as it's a 25km detour), but this time we managed to explore it, and I can say it's well worth the bumpy and corrugated ride. We also check in to Mt Dare and Visit Old Andado Station before starting the Madigan Line.

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