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Jul 01, 2022

the zine for july 2022 is called « EVERY DETAIL PICTURE-CLEAR », an odd-sized booklet (just under a quarter-sheet) with eight new collages made using analog and digital methods, printed on beautifully textured washi paper from japan.

in june, i started keeping a collage 'daybook' of scraps that catch my eye but might not otherwise be used. it's turned into a very generative & centering practice -- the collages here reconfigure elements of these daily pages into new works. i really liked the approach of building up a collection of material to further explore, using some digital techniques when most of my work is analog. these photos really don't do justice to the paper used for the zine -- on one side, it's smooth with slightly metallic elements, and on the other, it has a satisfying slightly rough texture.

the binding is done with a vintage punchodex three-hole punch that allows you to move the dies around to adapt to the size of a project, tied once with green vintage thread. subscriptions this month also include a new postcard, and ten-dollar subscribers will also receive a paper sticker and a copy of the program for the @twincitiescollagecollective mail art exhibition recently installed in two Ramsey County Library locations (Roseville and Shoreview). the printed program overlaps with some of the work i've done the past few months for different stages of that project -- thought it would be fun to share.

this summer has been incredibly busy for me so far and shows no signs of slowing down! thanks for your support, as always!

$5 subscribers receive:
• monthly zine
• one postcard

$10 subscribers receive:
• monthly zine
• two postcards
• paper sticker
• mail art show program
• new subscribers at any level get some additional perks and treats
• visit and sign up via patreon, buymeacoffee or pay in advance via my shop
• these zines are only available via subscription in the month they're made (no reprints, not sold elsewhere)

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