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august 2022: « PLANAR ORNAMENTS »

august 2022: « PLANAR ORNAMENTS »

Aug 01, 2022

the zine for august 2022 is called « PLANAR ORNAMENTS », a small sixteen-page booklet made using analog and digital methods, printed on a smooth cream-colored paper with a contrasting yellow sticker detail on the front cover that wraps around the spine onto the back. the binding is made from a vintage metal file folder fastener. it's a little bit more of a process meditation than my work sometimes is -- more about making an object and less about the individual images. the collages throughout are grimy and desiccating with a 'peeling' sensibility -- all textures and tones.

the august zine makes good use of some rescued materials -- love to find some junk and use it as a parameter for a project! with regard to the monthly zines, the trick is to find a large enough quantity for the edition size. one of my aunts had recently given me several packages of deadstock 3M laser printer label stickers ca. 1988, and i'd been wanting to use them for a zine cover.

i definitely get that creative reuse / possibility mindset from that side of the fam -- we took a day drive to wisconsin over the weekend with some of them), stopping at a bunch of thrift stores. the fasteners were thrifted on that trip -- as soon as i saw them, i knew i wanted to work them into this monthly zine.

subscriptions this month include a new collage postcard, and ten-dollar subscribers will also receive a second untitled zine that's an earlier working draft of the monthly zine. this one changed quite a bit as i was developing it!


$5 subscribers receive:

• monthly zine

• one postcard

$10 subscribers receive:

• monthly zine

• two postcards

• bonus 'process' zine with circle die-cut cover

• new subscribers at any level get some additional perks and treats

• visit and sign up via patreon, buymeacoffee or pay in advance via my shop

• these zines are only available via subscription in the month they're made (no reprints, not sold elsewhere)

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