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Omg New Headshots! Help?

Omg New Headshots! Help?

Feb 07, 2024

Hey gang! Last month, I took new headshots, and now it's time to pick some! My session included 3 edits, then it's extra for any more edits. I've already decided to go with 4 edits since I had 4 outfits, and I'm just too in love with the last one.

I've narrowed my choices considerably but would love some extra input since other people will cast me from these photos. So, if you're up for that, keep reading!

Each outfit/look is going for a different character/type/vibe. A casting director should be able to look at this picture and see me in their world. What's also important about a good headshot is that it pulls you in and maybe even tells a bit of a story. It goes beyond a nice or pretty picture of me.

Does this person have layers? Do I want to know more about this person? Does this person have a story to tell?

Below are links to my favorites for each look - no more than 5 each. In the bottom right-hand corner, you'll see that if you hover over a picture, there's a little speech bubble, and you can leave a comment.

If at any point it asks for a password or whatever, put in [email protected] .

Look 1: Quirky Girl Next Door

Think Alison Brie in Community, Jenny Slate, Emma Roberts in a rom-com, Natalie Portman in Garden State, and Jess from New Girl. She's a bit awkward, a bit of a mess, maybe even clumsy, but in an adorable, endearing way.

Look 2: Young Professional

This could be anyone from Garcia in Criminal Minds (quirky tech analyst) to Amy Santiago from Brooklyn-Nine-Nine. This character is some sort of professional, like a law intern, graphic designer, or even a young go-getter detective. (Yes, there is some overlap in character with Look 1.) She's smart and not afraid to challenge you, but she's not the "cool" one. She's probably new and looking to prove herself.

Look 3: Edgy/Bitchy/Snarky

This character is the lead, maybe the best friend, but this is someone a bit rough around the edges. Think Mae Whitman in The Duff or Good Girls, Mona Lisa Sapperstein in Parks & Rec, or Eleanor from The Good Place before she dies. She's kinda bitchy and snarky. Maybe she'd even punch you if you wronger someone she loves. If you've seen What Happens in Vegas, think, "You know why!" But she doesn't have SO much edge that you'd think she's in a gang or assume she's a bully.

Look 4: Colorful Quirky

This has the same vibes as Quirky Girl Next Door but turned up a bit more. Maybe it's more Disney or Nickelodeon? I mostly just loved the colors and how the look turned out.

Your input is greatly appreciated. Seriously, there's only so much I can look at my face and imagine what others will think.

You rock. Don't ever change.

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