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Not-So-Weekly Update 4/23/21

Not-So-Weekly Update 4/23/21

Apr 24, 2021

Hello hello! Hi all! If I sound chipper, it's because I am! I am two weeks back into my Beachbody program, and I didn't skip a single day—pretty big deal for me. Also, my new medication for my brain tumor headaches seems to be working! Hip-hip HUZZAH! I tell ya, I already feel so much more productive. It's really crazy just how much energy those damn headaches zapped from me. But no more, I say!

Anywho...what else is newsworthy...Oh! My pupper is on the mend. She's actually been a very good girl, no biting at her stitches, so we took off her cone. And after an infection scare and a smelly butt, she is doing much better—no more smell. * wipes sweat from forehead * Tomorrow, we're spending the day at the rents' so she gets to run around the backyard and chase squirrels to her heart's content.

My Felicia Hardy obsession continues. I have begun collecting whatever Black Cat figures I can find. I got a cute little one with Mickey ears a while back, and I have a little bobble coming in soon. I think what's happening is my brain thinks if I surround myself with reminders, I won't forget to keep pushing for it. My dear friend, Emily Luking, has been killing it on Instagram. Her videos and posts are so on point. I'm enlisting her help. For now, I'm tagging Marvel Studios in my FitForFelicia posts and all other related posts.

I've also booked myself a shoot with Atomic Cheesecake Studios. Action Girl is a Baltimore-based photographer specializing in pin-up. If you know me, you may have noticed how cute and adorable I am. But Felicia Hardy oozes seduction. I mean, she wears a catsuit. Need I say more? But me...ooze seduction I do not. So this shoot is going to be like a spec commercial or something for me. Maybe I'll even mail it out to Marvel Studios. Who knows.

And! While I do all of this, I have to remind myself that this is also supposed to be fun. But it's also my job, so it's supposed to be hard work. I'm a mixed-up missy.

In other news, Hayden put in some cool work in the backyard this week. He's repurposing a friend's box spring and headboard for planters. It's going to be all pretty and green, AND he looked up plants that ward off rats. Isn't he swell? I think I just might keep him.

That's all I got in me. Gotta go back to work.

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