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Help Wanted! & Not-So-Weekly Update 8/20 ...

Help Wanted! & Not-So-Weekly Update 8/20/22

Aug 20, 2022

Hey gang! Wanted to get a quick update in here since I know it's been a while, and then I'll share why I need your help.

So! Things have been pretty crazy. Agent meetings have slowed down because of, well, money. I have less coming in now with my nanny gig over, and I'm making up for that with more in-person murder mystery shows, which have been taking up a lot of time and energy. They've been going really well, though! I've learned two, soon to be three, new show themes, and it's been a lot of fun. It feels nice to feel like an actor again.

Coming up this week is the One on One/Next Level studio Atlanta Trip! You may or may not remember I took this trip in January. It's a showcase for Atlanta/southeast agents and a couple of master classes. I'm excited. Since I've done it before, I'm much more relaxed, and all those agent meetings mean I'm much more comfortable and confident with my scenes. Looks like some of the same agents from January will be there, so I'm hopeful they'll see my improvement and be like DAYUM! Then sign me on the spot. A girl can dream, right?

The following weekend I start back at the Maryland Rennaissance Festival at Miles Tonne Leather. The owner, Ian, was kind enough and understanding enough to accept my terms that I'd love to be back, but if an acting gig comes up, I have to take it. He's a musician and artist himself, so, thankfully, he gets it. I truly love working there, so I'm so, so glad he's cool with this.

And pretty much immediately after the fair ends, I will (hopefully) be heading to LA for a few days for another One on One/Next Level showcase trip, specifically, their "LA Super Showcase." And this is where you all and my "Help Wanted!" come in. I've already written out posts about the whole thing, so full disclosure, I'm just gonna copy and paste that here.

Hi all! I need your help! The studio I belong to, One on One NYC/LA, just announced an amazing program in LA this November - a showcase for 27(!) agents along with intensives and seminars.

The catch? It's roughly $1400, not including airfare, lodging, and meals.

This is a huge opportunity for me to get in front of big-time agents who could help me get to the next level of my career, maybe even all the way to Black Cat. It would take me months of saving to afford this, and there's just no time for that before it fills up.

BUT! If every one of my Facebook friends gave me $1, I'd have the trip money. If some gave me $5 or $10, that would make up for the ones who'll miss this post.

Will you please help?

Venmo: @Allie-Press

PayPal: [email protected]

So that's the deal! You here are my loyal cheerleaders and already give me so much, so I already love and appreciate you so much. If I can ask yet more of you, please share my pinned posts on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram; amazing. And yes, if you have a few bucks to throw my way, I would also greatly appreciate that. People have already been so generous I'm almost at the amount for the deposit to hold my spot ($495). I was close to tears last night, tbh. My heart is just so full.

Ok, back to work. I have to prep for a gangster wedding tonight in New Jersey and a sockhop in Baltimore on Monday. (Murder mystery shows) Ttyl.

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