We were on a roll, too 🥹

We were on a roll, too 🥹

Sep 08, 2023

Hey Coworkers,

It's unlikely that I'll be hosting an ADHD Coworking session today, which pains me because we've been consistent for a few weeks now! The dreaded ADHD meds shortage has finally reached me and as a result, I'm struggling to complete even my most basic tasks one at a time, nevermind multitasking during a livestream. 😞

In the meantime, follow my other account, @ADHDCoworking to help us get to our goal of 1k followers. That's the minimum number of followers needed for an account to go live. So once we reach that, I'm hoping to bring in some additional streamers to host more regular sessions (and to take my place on days like today). Link is below:

ADHD Coworking on TikTok

I'll keep y'all updated on next week's sessions, if I can swing two to make up for today, I'll definitely do so! Hope everyone has a great weekend 💕


Allie 💋

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