Update on This Week's Coworking Sessions ...

Update on This Week's Coworking Sessions 🥲

Jan 18, 2022

Hi coworkers,

I know I mentioned this week might be a little wonky since it's my first week with the new job, and I'm just now realizing how much of an understatement that really was ...

I planned to hold a coworking session today from 1pm-3pm EST, but I just got scheduled for another meeting at 1pm. If it ends early, I'll try and do a quickie before my meeting at 5 but as of now, it's not looking good 🥲

I also got scheduled for a few more meetings this week that interfere with our normal schedule, so I'm going to be proactive about it and cancel any scheduled coworking sessions for the week. But will try my best to do a few impromptu sessions in between meetings and whatnot - assuming it's manageable. You can turn on notifications for when I go live on my TikTok profile.

Sorry guys :( feel free to check out my pre-recorded coworking sessions on YouTube if you're struggling without the community today. Once I have a better idea of what my regular schedule will look like with the new gig, I'll be able to adjust our schedule and get back to some regularity again.

P.S. hail hydrate


Allie 💋

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