Sick bruh 🤘🏻

Sick bruh 🤘🏻

Nov 02, 2022

Hey coworkers,

As it turns out, my health issues are a little bit more serious than I expected. Perhaps that's what happens when you avoid seeing a doctor for an entire year 🤪 ... Needless to say, I'm taking an extended break from coworking to rest, recoup and follow the doctor's orders. As soon as I feel on the up and up, I'll be back to streaming - and will be sure to let y'all know via BMAC. But until then, I'll miss you little ND baddies. Never forget I have COMPLETE faith in your ability to have fun and get shit done (even without me 🥲) .

P.S. If you have a subscription on here or on TikTok and want to pause or cancel it until I have a better idea of when I'll be back, I completely understand. Hoping it won't be longer than another week or two, but we'll see.

Infectiously yours,

Allie 💋

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