Shortened session today 🤨

Shortened session today 🤨

Oct 18, 2021

Hey coworkers,

Hope y’all had a fun and restful weekend! I frolicked among fresh lavender in a field, which I hadn’t realized was my happy place until yesterday 😭🌾🔮

As some of you maybhave heard me mention last week, I’m taking on a new client starting today. Big non-profit in NYC. Exciting stuff 🤩 - however I have several calls scheduled over the next few days to get “onboarded” for lack of a better word. 🙄

That means this weeks Coworking schedule is going to be a bitttt different. Some days will be shortened sessions (like today) and some days I might start a bit later depending on what my call schedule is like. I’m in the process of locking this info down so I can update the weekly coworking schedule ASAP. ✅

But in the meantime, keep in mind that todays session on TikTok will be going from 11:30am EST - 2:30pm EST - event link is on my profile if you want to add to your calendar. 🗓

By next week, our schedule should be back to normal. But I’ll keep y’all updated as things develop. Looking forward to collecting some 🍅🍅🍅 will everyone later 😁

Allie 💋

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