Not Feeling Very Bing Bong 🥲

Not Feeling Very Bing Bong 🥲

Dec 29, 2021

Good morning coworkers,

Happy Holidays?!

I am SO SORRY I've been MIA the past few days, especially since my coworking schedule clearly indicates that I was planning on holding a session yesterday and Monday.

I was exposed (dragged w/ my wig snatched, if you will) to COVID from a family member and I've been disgustingly ill since the 26th (despite being vaxxed 😟 but very grateful that I am). Ya know that can't even get out of bed type of ill? Yeah, that's what I'm rocking with. So needless to say, sending y'all an update or even just adjusting my schedule felt like a herculean task until today.

However, I'm still nowhere near 100% and so I won't be holding any coworking sessions this week (will update my site today), unless by some miracle I become well in which case, it'll be an impromptu session.

If you don't already follow me on Instagram, you can do that to get down-to-the-minute updates (complaints) about my current health status and if you're itching for a coworking session, check out my pre-recorded live-streams on YouTube :)

Grateful for y'all and hope to see (be seen by) you before the New Year 🍾

Allie 💋

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