No Rest For The Wicked 👹

No Rest For The Wicked 👹

Oct 05, 2022

Hi coworkers,

If you're wondering who "the wicked" is, it's me. It's you. It's us.

It's definitely ADHD. This means tomorrow we'll have our regularly scheduled Thursday coworking session on TikTok. Instead of a 10:30 am EST start time, we'll start at 11:00 am EST. Why?

Because tomorrow's my birthday, and one of my gifts to myself is an extra half hour of procrastination before our stream starts 🤪 Yes, I'll be working on my birthday. This is also what I meant by NRFTW.

Heads up, I'm also being bold enough to make my birthday goal a WHOPPING $333.00 for tomorrow's session. Why? Because just THINK how powerful it would be for us to all unite on behalf of reaching a goal infused with the witchy, spiritual energy of 333.

Also, I need spending money for my birthday weekend ... 😁

Here's the link to register/access the session!


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