New Goal Posted 😮

New Goal Posted 😮

Aug 30, 2021

As many of you who frequent my live streams know, I'm in the process of trying to lock down a part-time remote gig so that I can continue hosting our ADHD co-working sessions on a regular basis. Also, so that I can avoid ever having to deal with people IRL. 🤪

If I can't find anything remote, I'll have to bite the bullet and go out into the world to work (away from my fur babies and the comfort of my living room 🥲). Since none of the gigs I've been applying to have bit yet (or have just been dead-ends), I'm trying to buy some time.

Help me reach my goal of $662 (half the cost of my rent) by September 30th, and I'll extend the live sessions from 2 hours/day to 3 hours/day - indefinitely 🥳

My long-term goal is to scale this virtual resource so that it's accessible for more hours a day, to more people, and in more time zones. Oh and so that it is, in one way or another, my primary source of income (working on those details behind the scenes 😜).

But remember, I need you more than I need your money. So if you can't give, no sweat. I'll still be doing my live sessions every M-F and still expect to hang and work with y'all on the regular! 💋

Thanks for working with me and for your support.


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