Mental Health Day(s) 🥺

Mental Health Day(s) 🥺

Oct 18, 2021

Hello again coworkers,

As most of you could probably tell if you were on during my TT stream earlier today, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. 😕

Not to overshare or - shudders - speak vulnerably about my feelings, but I need a break.

I won't be holding a livestream tomorrow or Wednesday. But I'll definitely be back Thursday & Friday to our regularly scheduled programming 📺

Aside from the 3 thousand professional/career/passion projects I'm juggling at any given time, I'm also trying to learn to follow my intuition and listen to my body when she says I need to rest.

As a Capricorn stellium, it goes against everything in my nature to do so, but alas here we are 😅

So I'm going to spend tomorrow and Wednesday mostly unplugged (don't get it twisted, I'll most likely still be shitposting on IG & TikTok, but just won't be going live).

If it's within your means to do so, I encourage anyone else who has maybe been neglecting their mental/spiritual/physical health in the name of productivity like I have, to also allow yourself a break and some rest.

You deserve it.💕

In the meantime, feel free to join the Discord server if you haven't yet, where some incredible community members often do Pomodoro sessions throughout different periods of the day and/or check out some of the pre-recorded coworking livestreams on my YouTube channel.

The people-pleaser in me wants to apologize for this, but the strong independent woman (in a wig) who is working on getting more comfortable with setting boundaries and listening to herself, instead wants to just say ... thank you all for understanding and for being the best damn community of coworkers this little neurodivergent queer could have ever asked for.

See you on Thursday, friends.

Allie 💋

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