Holy CRAP 😇💩

Holy CRAP 😇💩

Sep 03, 2021

Y’all, when I created the goal to get me to half my rent by the end of September with the incentive of making the co-working sessions longer, I really did not expect to reach it.

Not that I didn’t have faith that you guys would help support, but my m.o. is very hope for the best, but expect the worst. 😅

Anyway, the fact that I’m now at 76% only THREE days into the month, I’m seriously blown away (and if you were on the PM session two nights ago and heard the wind, you know I’m being literal when I say that 🤪).

Anyway, as most of you know I’m a freelancer + entrepreneur, and am working on landing another part-time remote gig so that I can keep these co-working sessions alive and growing 🌱 so your support in reaching this goal helps me bide time to find something steady + allows me to work on my passion projects that I hope to (eventually) be a source of income themselves - to be clear, these sessions will ALWAYS be a free resource 👍🏻

I cannot thank you all enough but please remember, I need you more than I need your money and so just your presence during these sessions is more than enough!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend and looking forward to working alongside everyone next week!


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