ADHD Coworking Tomorrow 👍🏻

ADHD Coworking Tomorrow 👍🏻

Sep 14, 2023

Hey Coworkers,

We're back on our Friday coworking schedule this week. Tomorrow, I'll be hosting a session on my TikTok page from 9:30am - 12:00pm EST. That means 3 pomodoros, each consisting of 35-minutes of focused and work followed by a 10-minute break 🤓

If you'd like to pre-register and add the event to your device calendar, click here: ADHD Coworking 09.15.23 🥳

If you'd like to see ADHD Coworking become a more frequent occurrence, make sure to follow my other TikTok page, @ADHDCOWORKING, which I'd eventually like to hold all the sessions from. However, we need to get the account to 1K followers before we get live access so, get to following! 🤪

Alright my lil' new moons, that's all she wrote. Hope to see (been seen by) you tomorrow!


Allie 💋

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