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My Favourite Scripture Challenge

My Favourite Scripture Challenge

Feb 16, 2022

In February 2021, I decided to challenge myself to make notes for a daily text every day for 28 days. I wanted to be more regular with reading my daily text, fill my time with spiritual things, and deepen my relationship with Jehovah.

I hosted my first creative challenge on Instagram - Daily Text Challenge.

I was surprised by how many friends joined me. We had a great time watching each other's notes and encouraging each other with positive comments. 

I didn't plan to do any challenge after that, but many asked me: When will you do the next one? 

It's February 2022, and My Favourite Scripture Challenge is the fourth one I host (I still can't believe this), and even more friends from around the world have joined me.

For the next 21 days, I hope you will find joy in the spiritual and creative aspects of the challenge.

If you've joined me, welcome! It's very encouraging to have company. I'll be sending a follow-up newsletter, so subscribe here, if you'd like to receive one. It will arrive in your inbox after the first week of the challenge.

Or sign up here if you'd like to hear from me about future challenges (yes, more is coming!).

Meanwhile, stay sound and safe, friend!

Your sister in faith,
Alla Lily

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