You Never Know When You'll Need It

You Never Know When You'll Need It

Jun 16, 2023


I am a self proclaimed hoarder. I keep everything, I have materials that I haven't used in years and may never use again, just in case I finally find a use for them one day.

Usually, this just results in a very cluttered room, quarterly clear outs that never seem to find me extra space, and a lot of "ahhh where did I put this damn thing?!" BUT sometimes, just sometimes, holding onto a file, pencil, random fabric does indeed come in handy.

I recently had that day.

I was thinking about how I'm probably best making some niche Edinburgh stock (as if seascapes inspired by Portobello and other beaches aren't enough, I know) and remembered that a few years back, I was actually working on an Edinburgh Castle line art design for a project that never went ahead - and it was perfect for a suncatcher window sticker! Who woulda thought?! Not me. It's rare that I find myself down in the procreate archives and find something useful!

So I welcome the brand new Edinburgh Castle suncatcher stickers!

Hope you like em!



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