My Favourite Creative Spaces - The Secre ...

My Favourite Creative Spaces - The Secret App

Mar 30, 2023

I recently got invited to join The Secret App to share my favourite places and spots in Edinburgh to visitors and locals alike - so I thought I'd dive into some of them a little more!

A very niche and particular spot for me is the benches at Portobello Beach just by the Portobello Beach Bistro - it's such a quiet spot and a great place to take myself to paint mini painting sketches, get reconnected to the earth and to myself! I find myself at that spot pretty much any time I go along and have been trying to make an effort to visit this beautiful spot before or after the studio since it's so nearby!

When it comes to cafes, sitting in Sebs Urban Jungle and OQO Coffee Nook is a great way to just sit, breathe and slow down. I got into quite the habit of visiting Sebs whenever I was posting orders - but online sales have been slower and I haven't had the chance to go in a while (so yanno, more sales brings me more Chai Lattes 😗)

And I couldn't talk about wonderful businesses without mentioning my dear loves at Yellow Souls and the Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe! After doing multiple shoots and meetings with these lot, they're friends and family to me now!

I'm still updating the app where I can, so keep an eye on it for my suggestions along with suggestions from so many others!

Find out more at online or on Instagram!

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