Mural Painting at Yellow Souls

Mural Painting at Yellow Souls

Nov 17, 2022


This week has been a bit of a different one, I took myself out of the studio and into one of the fabulous shops I stock in to work on a custom mural!

Yellow Souls is a local shop here in Edinburgh at the top of Leith Walk and sells vintage clothes and accessories alongside artworks and products by local artists. I genuinely think that when the Proclaimers sing Sunshine on Leith, they mean this shop. It's run by a beautiful Italian couple, Elena and Lorenzo, with their shop assistant and furry friend, Kombucha 🐶

When discussing this mural, we had a few ideas to work through but ultimately ended up wanting to share a piece of them through some art, which resulted in me creating an Almafi Coast mural! It kept in line with my seascape paintings and was a lovely nod to their background.

This was my first big scale mural and was both challenging and rewarding all at the same time! It was a long 8 hour day and my wee bones are still aching but I definitely think it was worth it! Let me know if you agree 😉

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