Let's Catch Up | Barbados and Surgery

Let's Catch Up | Barbados and Surgery

Jun 05, 2023

I feel like every time I finally get back onto blogs and posting and writing, I drop the ball before it even started to roll, but I promise I have a couple excuses!

The first being that running a business is wild and I now understand why I got hired as a digital marketer back in the day - because nobody wants to do it for themselves! And it's not that I don't want to, it's just that I'm really not very good at juggling 🤹‍♀️

The others however are a bit more interesting, so let me bring you up to speed.

Last month (cry), I went on holiday for two weeks to Barbados with my family. It was INCREDIBLE. I saw turtles, rays, and fish so big that I definitely shat it the first time I saw them because they looked a little too sharky for my liking (don't worry, me and the Tarpons are buddies now) and more importantly, I went on a Mount Gay Rum Tour which was fantast-hic! I didn't forget about you though, in fact, I took products with me just to take photos of them in the beautiful Bajan sun and even managed a couple of mini paintings!

When I came home, I had just a week and a half to create a bunch of products, assemble them and take them to a bunch of shops around Edinburgh, because I came home finally having a surgery date - woohoo! (A strange reaction for some, but when I've been waiting nearly nine years for any sort of answer and two years for surgery it turns into a pretty big woohoo)

As I write to you now, I'm officially one week post-op, and one week finally being told that I do in fact have endometriosis and that I had been right pretty much this whole time. There has been a lot of medical gaslighting, trauma, even some cases of literal malpractice to get me to this moment, so while the smugness of knowing I was right is still in the air, I've got a lot to unpack and figure out in the next few months (possibly with another surgery too)

I can't promise that I'm going to immediately be good at writing to you, I can't even promise that I'm going to have enough stock made for my next market on Saturday, but I'm here and good and very excited to get back on this wild ride with you!

Until next time!



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