First Market Post-Op

Jun 12, 2023


As I write this I am officially two weeks post op (I suppose tomorrow is two weeks, I was still coming round at this point!) and I just did a market on Saturday - 11 days after surgery 🤯

Probably not the smartest move, however it was near my home, I had my mum with me all day and my grandad was kind enough to drop us off with everything and pick us up again so it was the safest way to do it!

I'm SO glad I did - it was my first time outside after my surgery and I was honestly just craving to feel some grass and have air that didn't come from a fan or a window.

Recovery is a long road, it was definitely testing my limitations and set me back slightly but mentally it was worth it, and I had a really fun day too!

We were at the Leith Gala Day - where I grew up and have lived for pretty much my whole life, so it was really cool being one of the makers and stallholders when I'd be the one buying from them just a handful of years ago. A full circle moment really.

I got to test my new setup which thankfully went fairly smoothly even with the wind, which is reassuring as I'm spending three days outdoors on Castle Street in August, so the practice definitely eased my concerns - my products are so light, I had to make sure they won't fly away 🤣

I'm well rested as I spent yesterday in my jammies (well deserved I'd say) and now I'm just working on new products so I'm all set for the next one! Will chat to you soon!


Amy x

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