Beach wanders and mini photoshoot

Beach wanders and mini photoshoot

Sep 27, 2022

Hello you lovely people!

I've felt a little blocked up, I think the transition into a new season is always quite hard, especially being indoors more in a form of rebellion to the rain and temperature drops. Unfortunately all that does is keep me inside and disconnected from nature; and as someone who paints water for a living, the second I disconnect and keep myself away from water is the second the creative tap turns off. Changing from a consistent flow of inspiration and motivation to an infrequent droplet here and there. In other words, it bites me in the arse!

So how do I handle this? Wrap myself up in autumnal colours and take myself for a walk by the beach. My studio space is only a short bus trip away from the sea, so it's ideal as a place to ground myself and reconnect with nature and my creative side.

And it worked! So well in fact, that I was able to do a photoshoot with the tote bags I packed ✨ just in case ✨ inspiration hit.

I haven't even listed them onto my website yet, but I'm certainly more motivated to do so now!

Without further ado, here is a sneak peek at some of the photos!

I hope you like them!



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