Rise of Mircalla ep 2

Rise of Mircalla ep 2

Sep 16, 2020

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Rise of Mircalla by Alina Giuchici

"It was all I needed. I was back on my feet and the crowd was cheering. Who cares that my everything hurt, I am going to destroy this stinking demon

My fist connected with his nose and the result was a satisfying crunch, followed by thick black blood shooting out like a fountain.

The crowd was cheering, only they cheered for me this time.

I could hear people put money on my name. The noise of coins hitting more coins. The bookies will get rich and a lot of others too. I was the underdog in this fight.

Grabbing Porkys ears with both hands as he was kneeling on the ground i smashed my knee to the face, full frontal, no mercy. My leather pants protected my skin from making actual contact with him.

Two more well aimed kick in the groin and Porky was on the floor. I kneeled on his throat. To all the Gods, I was about to kill him.

That darkness once unleashed took hold of me. My fists started pounding against his skull.. I didn’t noticed when he raised two fingers as sign of defeat and surrender, I wanted to mush his body, mince his flesh and mix it with the sand of the arena.

The roars of the spectators fed me! My body was exhausted and my knuckles where broken but still, the frenzy and lust to kill was not stopping. Still, I kept pounding on Porky.

A strong hand on my shoulder broke my flow, and I was jumping towards it, ready to kill whom ever dared to take me away from my pray.

Tom looked at me with calm warm brown eyes.

“It’s over, you won! “and he raised my arm, allowing the crowd to cheer for me.

Some of Porkys people picked him up. He was alive, barely. His face looked much better than before. I have to admit, minced meat was a good look on Porky! Blood was dripping from his broken body. It felt so good!!

The crowd roared for me, this was my first fight in The Pits and no training match ever could have prepared me for this incredible rush. Tom is sliding his arm around my back, and I allow him to do so.

It looks as if he is congratulating me on my victory, but he is actually supporting most of my weight. Somehow he can sense that my knees are jelly and that I do all I can to keep appearance.

This is the Pit!! The worse place in the Underworld !

The illegal arena. The bottom of the barrel, you won’t get harder, more violent fights than here.

The actual arena is surrounded by a barbed wire fence, and the spectators are from all layers of society.

Tartarus, the city of darkness knows how to have a good time! And the pit is one of the favourite distractions of the high and mighty but also of the poor and without status.

Rich and poor, they all rub elbows here, in The Pit.

Tom is taking me towards the exit of the arena.

We walk slowly through the small corridor reserved for the fighter to the locker rooms.

“They celebrate your victory! “

“You know that they can’t stand me, i smashed Porky ! “

“They don’t know you, my little one! “Tom keeps calling me his little one because with almost 7 feet he is towering over my 6foot 2 frame

“Give them a chance, they will like you, you are a force to be recon with! “ I just looked at Tom. My energy for sarcasm was burned out. All I wanted was to get away from the cheers, take a shower and then crash in my own bed. Oh, how I miss my bed.

There’s not much else I miss about being my fathers daughter. I never desired the status, still I miss comfort.. I can do without but I don’t like it!

The locker rooms stink. It’s a mix of sulphur, piss, pheromones and something that I can’t really identify.

It is that stench of what the fuck.

I crash on one of the benches, lying down.. I really don’t care that the hard wood is splintered, it’s nice to lay down without excepting a fist to contact with your face. I am crashing. My body needs time and resources to recover.

“Okay, I am too weak to protest, hit me with criticism! “

Tom is my trainer , and most of the time he knows that I will have a snarky comeback to almost everything he says.

“First off all, I am so fucking proud of you Camy, Spithead is a formidable opponent, and you crushed him! “

“I can hear the but in your voice... “what I didn’t say was that for a while now I was staring at his but . As I lay here, my body hurting in more places that I cared to count, I cracked one eye open, the right one, because my left eye was swollen shut. Why do I keep checking out my trainer?

His ass looked positively delicious in that pair of skin tight leather pants, they really left very little to the imagination. This upper body was covered by a black tshirt, but still I could see muscles rippling underneath it. He was telling me something but I got lost to the spectacular view. Tattoos where escaping the constraints of his tshirt and moved up to the shoulders and down to the biceps and forearms.

His strong forearms where forged for fighting.

Tom kneeling next to the bench, a killer smile lightning up his face.

A man shouldn’t be allowed to look so handsome!! Tom was not even a demon, he was a soul that had a sentence in Tartarus."

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