Rise of Mircalla ep 1

Rise of Mircalla ep 1

Sep 13, 2020

As promised I am sharing my Wip with you guys. This is a unedited first draft. Next episode tomorrow.

A Mircalla story

By Alina Giuchici

A stand alone story

I could taste my own blood. That fucking demon hit me full in the mouth with his huff. And not only my lip was cut, my front teeth felt loose too.

My head flies back and my instinct is to close my eyes, but if I do this everything is lost.

The cheers of the spectators are filling my already pounding head and push the level of pain up from acceptable to unbearable.

That hoof kick was hard and hurts like a motherfucker! Sweat is dripping into my eyes blinding me.

“Breath, in and out, focus! “

My hands are touching the sand of the arena. Sand!!

Porky is allowing the crowd to cheer for him. He believes that he has already won this fight, but I refuse to just take defeat with my head bowed down, like a victim. I am going to go down with a boom!

A roar is filling the air an it is muting the crowd. Was I that???

No fucking way.

Porky turns towards me, his face is hard to look at.

With a snout like a pig and a mouth dripping with saliva, eyes that are too small and stay to close together, porky is towering over me.

His body is a mix between a pig and a harpy, he has wings, but they can’t lift him, they can be used only for gliding.

“Did you had enough of a beating, Princess? “ he uses the word Princess to mock me, and has not the slides idea how true the statement is.

I am a fucking Princess of the Underworld, only I find myself stripped of rank and privileges, fighting for my life.

He spits on the sand towards me. The crowd roars, have I mentioned that I am not the most popular person around?

I am probably a sad sight to behold. Not only that my lips starts to swell, my head is filled with noises and I can’t really see much on my left eye either. My rights eye is stinging because of the sweat and dust that got into it.


As I sit here, on my ass, and try to breath carefully to not further damage my cracked ribs, I catch a glimpse of Tom. There is sadness in his eyes, and pain. He is making a sign towards me, I should raise two fingers and beg for mercy.

The fuck I will!!

Porky and all his layers of fat are stepping closer. He considers me a inferior opponent and has his guard down.

I can smell his stench. Bleah

“Shower much? “was I spitting out against all logic. I shouldn’t try to upset him more than he already is. But I don’t have anything to loose. I win or I’ll die, or worse. Death sounds almost good to me right now.

On the other hand, you don’t want go know what happens to demons when they die.

There’s another question that my father refused to answer to me, can I die?

Porky bent over and the disgusting stench of dirty pig was filling my nose. His body was covered in warts, damn ugly fucker, even his warts had warts and thick hairs would stick out of them.

A thick green much was oozing out from between his layers of fat and the most disturbing thing where his man boobs.

Porky was coming closer to invade my space, but I took a handful of sand from the ground.

I am beaten, but not yet broken. There was a darkness, a surge of power inside me, a hidden energy inside my soul that I could feed off.

In a fluent motion throwing the sand against his face, I managed to blind him for a few seconds.

“Fucking bitch! I’ll kill you! Porkys voice was filled with annoyance. I could hear his anger surging. Anger is bad in a fight, a real warrior is calm. You can ride you anger and use it as a sharp weapon, it can help you win or get you killed.

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