Just a few words

Just a few words

Sep 04, 2020

My name is Alina Giuchici, and I am a author /designer living in Transylvania, Romania. Yes, exactly, and now all the Dracula myths come to mind. I learned English from movie subtitles and got passionate about apocalyptic books and movies while watching Resident Evil.. My first series is called Alice in Dystopia, and it is available on Amazon. I hope that you enjoy it, because it's not your "classic" zombie story.. I came up with new monsters, next to some werewolves and vampires... My monsters are called Crows and they are the stuff of nightmares.. Having the ability to move between magic and science..

What I try to say is that my stories need pretty wrapping.. Book covers are not cheap and I will use the money from you guys to pay for cover art.

Thank you!!!

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