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Meet the Maker

Meet the Maker

Oct 30, 2023

Hello you lovely lot!

So, I’m hoping to start using this page more and even create some memberships for people to subscribe to! I was looking into creating a patreon but after having a nosey on here, I found that it’s basically the same, so why not use what I already have! So stay tuned for those coming soon!

But before we get into that, I needed to introduce myself to those who have no idea what Fauna Rose is or who the person behind the brand is! So here’s a little ‘meet the maker’ post for you!

I’m Megan 👋🏼, I’m the creator, owner and person behind the brand Fauna Rose. The amount of people who think my name is Fauna is quite high! Understandable, but no, my name is Megan, I just really liked the name Fauna Rose and I wanted my brand to be earthy, boho and nature related…so I rolled with it!

I’ve recently turned 29, and I currently live in Lincolnshire in the U.K. I say currently, because we move around a lot. That’s all thanks to my amazing other half, Alex and his military career. We live in a little village with our 3 cat babies who are our absolute world!

Last year, October 16th 2022 to be exact, I launched Fauna Rose. I launched during one of the most stressful times of our lives but it was the best decision I ever made. We had just moved into a temporary house and we were in the process of buying our first home, we also had just adopted Cleo, our second sphynx cat. The sale went through and we moved again. (2 moves in 2 months…I do not recommend doing it.) Somehow, however, my little pride and joy that is my small business is still going strong, even through the horrendous economic situation that’s going on right now, so, if you’ve ever supported me in any way shape or form, whether that be buying from my shop, being active on my socials, or watching my YouTube channel…THANK YOU!

I wanted to create a little space to connect even more with customers, audience member and anyone who’s interested in supporting either me, my little family, or my small business, so I’m hoping to be posting some extra content here and there on this platform!

Stay Wild,

Megan 🌿🤍

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