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Behind The News: The Briefing "Insights in a Minute" Hyundai's Drive

Nov 22, 2023

Behind The News: The Briefing "Insights in a Minute" Season 2 Episode 20

Hyundai's Drive to Direct Sales with AWS

Executive Summary:

In this episode, Alicia Marie Phidd explores the groundbreaking partnership between Hyundai and Amazon Web Services (AWS) that is reshaping the automotive industry. Discover how this collaboration allows customers to purchase Hyundai vehicles directly from the company's website, bringing a new dimension to direct-to-consumer sales. Alicia also highlights the integration with AWS, enabling customers to use Alexa for a seamless and entertaining driving experience.


In the fast-paced automotive industry, Hyundai takes a bold step forward with its partnership with AWS. This episode is your quick ticket to understanding how this collaboration is set to revolutionize the way we buy and experience cars.


Alicia shares the game-changing partnership between Hyundai and AWS, where customers can now make their entire vehicle purchase directly from Hyundai's website. The integration with AWS introduces Alexa into the driving experience, offering access to music, audiobooks, and podcasts.

Actionable Insights:

1. Direct-to-Consumer Revolution: 

Hyundai's collaboration with AWS opens the door for customers to purchase vehicles directly from the company's website, a trend previously dominated by Tesla, Rivian, and Lucid.

2. Entertainment at Your Fingertips: 

The integration with AWS allows users to leverage Alexa for a personalized in-car entertainment experience, bringing a new level of convenience and enjoyment.


For busy professionals and entrepreneurs, this partnership signifies a shift in the automotive landscape. Direct-to-consumer sales streamline the car-buying process, and the integration with AWS enhances the overall driving experience.

Key Themes:

The key themes emerging from this episode are the evolution of direct-to-consumer sales in the automotive industry and the integration of advanced technologies to enhance the customer experience.


1. "It's the latest partnership between Hyundai and Amazon Web Services (AWS), where you'll be able to make your entire purchase of a Hyundai vehicle directly from their website." - Alicia Marie Phidd

2. "Tesla, Rivian, Lucid. They're the only ones right now that do the manufacturer direct to the consumer." - Alicia Marie Phidd

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