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Behind The News: The Briefing "Insights in a Minute" Gender Discrimination

Nov 22, 2023

Behind The News: The Briefing "Insights in a Minute" Season 2 Episode 21

Gender Discrimination Allegations Against Amazon Filed In Washington State

Executive Summary:

"Insights in a Minute" is a white paper blog that provides busy professionals and entrepreneurs with quick, actionable insights based on the 60-second daily podcast episodes of "Behind The News: The Briefing" on Spotify. This white paper aims to summarize key episodes, highlight recurring themes, and offer valuable resources for listeners seeking to stay informed and make informed decisions in a fast-paced world.


"Behind The News: The Briefing" is a podcast tailored for busy professionals, delivering concise daily insights that can be consumed in just 60 seconds. In this white paper, we present "Insights in a Minute" as an extension of the podcast, offering a convenient way for professionals and entrepreneurs to access valuable takeaways from each episode.


In this episode, Alicia Marie Phidd discusses the allegations of gender discrimination against Amazon. Three female employees have filed a complaint, claiming that the company practices gender bias starting from the hiring process. They allege that they are given lower titles and salaries compared to their male counterparts, making it challenging for them to advance in their careers at the appropriate salary level. Alicia highlights the significance of this case and encourages listeners to stay informed about its developments.

Actionable Insights:

- Gender discrimination can hinder career growth and salary progression for women in the workplace.

- It is important for organizations to ensure fair treatment in the hiring process and provide equal opportunities for career advancement.

- Staying informed about high-profile cases like this one helps professionals understand the ongoing struggles for gender equality and fair treatment in the corporate world.


These insights are particularly relevant to busy professionals and entrepreneurs who are committed to fostering inclusive workplaces and promoting gender equality within their organizations.

Key Themes:

The key theme in this episode revolves around gender discrimination in the workplace, highlighting the challenges faced by women in terms of career advancement and fair compensation.


- "They claim that they're given a lower title and less salary compared to their male counterpart." - Alicia Marie Phidd

- "This is definitely one to watch." - Alicia Marie Phidd

- "I let micro entrepreneurs know that they can operate at the level of a macro business." - Alicia Marie Phidd

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"Insights in a Minute" offers busy professionals and entrepreneurs a condensed format to access valuable insights from the podcast "Behind The News: The Briefing." By staying informed and taking action based on these insights, individuals can navigate the fast-paced business landscape more effectively and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable work environment.

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