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New Partner...solly baby

New Partner...solly baby

Oct 26, 2021

Hello Supporters!

I'm thrilled to announce a new channel partner, solly baby. The solly baby wrap has been one of my favorites for awhile and now I'm pleased to announce that I am an affiliate of the company. As an affiliate, I receive a small portion of every sale that I send over to solly baby.

This new affiliate relationship will help me be able to offer my childbirth class series for FREE again in December!

The solly baby company makes my favorite wraps as well as some super soft and sweet gowns. The colors that they are featuring this fall are perfection too.

My top 2 favorite wrap colors are Rhubarb and Camel.

If you are looking for a new wrap, super soft baby clothes or an awesome grab bag deal please check out solly baby.

Have an awesome day,


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