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I Almost Killed Myself 4 Years Ago; Now ...

I Almost Killed Myself 4 Years Ago; Now I Understand Narcissist Abuse (blog teaser)

Mar 02, 2021

Through decades of narcissistic abuse, three people manipulated me into believing I’m worthless; now, I see myself clearly.

A soft lamp lit the room as I sat on my bed, holding a bottle of pills. I poured all the white tablets into my hands, taking deep breaths. A full water bottle waited beside me. Closing my eyes, I felt heavy, empty, and disillusioned. Life didn’t appeal to me as it used to. At 23 years old, I struggled to find a reason to stay.

My fourth therapist helped me piece together the truth: I’m not pathetic, worthless, or inadequate; I am a victim and survivor of narcissist abuse.

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A few responses:

"Thank you for highlighting the validity of emotional abuse. People don’t recognize abuse unless there are bruises to show and it is incredibly frustrating." - Zara Everly

"You are a success story! This piece is so beautiful in its honesty and vulnerability. I applaud you for being brave enough to share your story and help others who are not as far along on the journey." - Suzanna Quintana

"I would have clapped for every sentence of this article. There are so many similarities with my stories. You are right. Your voice and your story are part of the puzzle to raise awareness. Too many are still trapped, too many are still hurting, too many don’t understand." - Kara Summers


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