June Update

Jun 08, 2021

So there’s been a little bit of silence here but trust me there’s been so much going on in the background that I will be able to share with you very soon. In the meantime let me give you a quick update of some of the things that have been happening here…

So first up patterns! OMGOSH I have been working on 5 new patterns which I’m super excited about. One of which is already in the testing stage.

Introducing my newest pattern The badass lace panties! This is a super quick and easy sew using gorgeous stretch lace trims and I’ve also expanded my sizing on this so it goes up to a 50” hip! If you wanna try this one out head over to my Instagram for a link in my bio to apply. 😉

I also have a bralette pattern coming very soon too which I’ll be putting another call out for testers in a week or so, so keep your eyes peeled for that….

Next up I have been doing a lot of market research into lingerie as I am planning to launch my own RTW lingerie brand later this year. I’ve still got a little more research to do for that and I’ll be putting a Q+A up here if you wish to take part in that. 😊

For the business I am also looking at funding options and have a meeting with my financial business advisor on the 24th so I’m super excited for that! Would you like to see more about the business side of things here? Or would you just like to see lingerie sewing? Lemme know in the comments below.🤔

Finally I am also working on getting my patterns on a site and collaborating with them as an influencer too which I can’t wait for. But I’ll hold off on sharing anymore of that until I’ve signed the contract tomorrow. 🤫

In home life news I’ve finally been referred for more tests to see if they can help with any of my conditions so I’m not bed bound 95% of the time! Whooop! 🙌🏻The hubby’s 30th birthday is also coming up in 2 days so I’ve been doing lots of menswear sewing which I’ll share after his bday. He also broke the new sofa, the tv and the over in the space of 2 weeks… 😡😡😡 So I think I should cancel his birthday and treat myself instead but my MIL and FIL are coming down for it from Scotland so I gotta make an effort I guess. I’m supposed to be cooking the family meal and birthday cake but since the ovens broken guess we’ll all have a tin of something!🤣

Anyhoo I’ll pop back in the next day or two once things settle down a bit more with loads more for you :)

A x

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