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War Profiteer Zelensky Named TIME Magazi ...

War Profiteer Zelensky Named TIME Magazine Person of the Year - an article by Alfred

Dec 11, 2022

War Profiteer Zelensky has unsurprisingly been named TIME magazine's Person of the year.

It's unsurprising because for a while now only evil people who are a public face that serve one aspect or the other of the Globalist NWO agenda get to grace the cover of TIME magazine. From climate change agenda faces like Greta Thunberg to War Criminal Zelensky.

Putin had reached out many times to seek an end to the conflict. He had just one request, Ukraine was to remain neutral. Not join NATO, or the UN, and get rid of all the US missile bases and labs in Ukraine. However, Boris Johnson the political criminal who stood to make a lot of money from the military industrial complex told Zelensky to stand firm and fight Russia. As a result of the hundreds of millions Boris, the Biden crime family, Zelensky, and NWO globalists stood to make from war weapons sales and financing; millions of Ukrainians have been displaced and thousands have died in a war just because Dirty Zelensky and his friends want to make some money.

Now War Criminal Zelensky is on the cover of TIME magazine. What a joke.

We need to replace demonic run institutions in culture with Christ run bastions of culture.

I would be launching my very own Alfred Awards which would have both a Man Of The Year category and a Woman Of The Year category.


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