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Is Desantis Derangement Syndrome The Nex ...

Is Desantis Derangement Syndrome The Next Thing - an article by Alfred

Dec 15, 2022

It's an undeniable fact that Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing, but most people don't talk about much what causes Trump Derangement Syndrome.

What causes Trump Derangement Syndrome is far worse than the Trump Derangement Syndrome itself.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is the concrete evidence of mass population mind manipulation through the media. Trump Derangement Syndrome is evidence of propaganda.

THAT!!! is more troubling than the sickness itself.

The fact that a select group of people can manipulate an entire population of millions of people to hate what they want them to hate so fervently, Or to love & root for what they want them to love even against their best interest.

The possession of such power by one party or any group of people means they can use it for or against anyone they wish at anytime they wish. They can use it to destroy anyone who stands against them or their plans whenever they wish.

Now that power is being used against Desantis.

Those who lack understanding of what I just explained focus on politicians. They think it's about the people accepting or rejecting the politician based on the politician himself ... based on what the politician brings to the table.

However, it is not about that. It's about the engine of propaganda that determines the light in which the politician and his opponent is seen .

Many don't understand this and they think of things like swopping a trump for a more polished and politie republican. Or swopping a Desantis for somebody who has more Charisma but is also a republican.

They don't realise that that's not where the battle is. That's not where the fight is.

It's not about who's running and how good a candidate they make. It's about the light the mainstream media propaganda machine shows them in. It's about how the media paints them to be. It's a battle of the media successfully selling the image or picture the media wants the people to see.

It's about who wins the battle of images they are marketing. It is not about the truth. It is not about who is the better candidate. It's all about the image of both candidates the majority of the public buys.

That's why John Featherman won. That's why Democrats can pick anybody and still win. It's not about how qualified their candidate is. They run on painting the picture that whoever runs for the other side or votes for the other side is racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. While also selling to the public that anyone who runs on the Democrat ticket or is thinking of running as a Democrat is a hero fighting racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia and all the other phobias they can think of.

They sell that anyone who votes for their Democrat Party no matter who is running is fighting racism with their vote. It is not about the person running. It is about the side that endorses them.

So they are selling the brand or label of: "Not a Racist", "Not a Homophobe", "Not a bigot"; to the public.

Democrats are selling the reputation of being a good person (by worldly standards) in a bottle.

Through Hollywood and the Media, they paint themselves (Democrats) as the good people in society and demonize Republicans as racists, evil people, and everything wrong with society.

Democrats put this message out there everyday non-stop in Newspapers, Talk Shows, Movies, Music, Celebrity Tweets, Sports Commentary, etc.

That's how people develop Trump Derangement Syndrome. When messages from every angle paint a picture or say the same thing; whether it's true or false doesn't matter. It begins to be accepted as the truth.

Now Trump Derangement Syndrome is making way for Desantis Derangement Syndrome.

It's not about Desantis. If it was some other republican as long as he's anti-establishment he would have to face the same Derangement Syndrome issues.


- Christian Conservatives need to takeover the media.

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