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Nov 05, 2022

(Aberdeen Pavilion)

Hi, coffee friends,

Welcome to the new member of this small community. We are with only 18 "members" and another 54 "supporters" (BMAC-speak for anyone who sometimes contributes on this platform). Thank you all so much.

Those numbers are in stark contrast to my more than 450,000 followers on Twitter, the freedom platform where free speech is now for sale at eight dollars per month. For that amount, you can buy a verified blue badge from the twitter desk where the verifiers have just been sacked.

It reminds me of my travels through eastern Europe during the collapse of communism; on the street corners of the main cities, you could buy the medals of the heroes of the previous system for a dollar or less. I still have some meaningless badges of Lenin against a glorious red background, once proudly worn by their first owners.

Meanwhile, it's absurdly warm in Ottawa for the fifth of November: it's 22 degrees Celsius in the shade, a sign of times. Perfect timing for the kickoff of COP27. The nice weather made me get up early to spend the morning in a part of town known as the Glebe.

The Crown designated it as a Clergy Reserve during the original 1837 survey of Ottawa. The area was formerly referred to as "the glebe lands of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church," where "glebe" is a term for "church lands." However, when the region was made available for construction in 1870, real estate agents called it simply "The Glebe."

The Glebe is primarily made up of detached residences, many of which date back to the first half of the 20th century, and I love the architecture of those days.

I went to the Glebe since one of Ottawa's best shopping districts is the section of Bank Street that passes through the Glebe, and I needed new tracking poles. It's also a location where many independent shops and eateries provide a wide range of goods and services. One of these is the cafe Oat Couture which has the best coffee in the neighborhood and, as the name suggests, all kinds of oatmeal breakfast or lunch varieties.

The weather is too good to stay inside; I will go for a run now. All this is because I wanted to thank you for your support, welcome the new member, and share an Alexnote of the cafe I mentioned that I made while enjoying my coffee.

And in case you missed it:

23 million Olympic-size swimming pools of iconic glaciers disappear every year because of climate change. (My interview with TRT World on the climate crisis and COP27):

The world's lungs breathed a sigh of relief when Lula won.

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Have a great weekend!

(photo: a mural I saw this morning in the Glebe)

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