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Responsiveness, preparedness & antifragi ...

Responsiveness, preparedness & antifragile health #005

Feb 09, 2022

Why preparedness is the thing …

The one thing that we are certain of is that we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. We don’t know how tomorrow will happen. Preparedness is about preparing for eventualities by developing the habit of being prepared. Making sure our proverbial libido energy tank has extra libido petrol, just in case tomorrow comes with some libido draining test. We know that certainly a testing tomorrow will come! We just don’t know when! 

So like a commando we prepare and over prepare. Efficiency is overrated! When we maximise for an eventuality we weaken for others. In this way of thinking we maximise our financial preparedness by minimising our debt exposure. We minimise our fossil fuel footprint by maximising our renewable usage (one day soon fossil fuel apocalypse will come). We test our strength just to see how strong we are, in order to know our limits and how to increase the range of our limits. We just prepare because preparedness is our habit.

Antifragile Health & Wellness

Antifragility is a mindset. We use difficulties and everydayness to continually improve and strengthen our responsiveness. We learn to use difficulties and challenges to strengthen our capacity to respond to whatsoever tomorrow brings. The maxim, “What does not kill you makes you stronger!’, is especially true here!. Antifragile wellness is to continually, improve our wellness and increase our reserves. We know that libido draining periods are natural to the entrepreneurial journey. So we prepare. We become more effortless in our days and actively seek out our weaknesses and strengths. Failure is a necessary learning space and we embrace it!

Wellness, depression & anxiety

During periods of prolonged stress our bodies have some natural defence mechanisms and there are some natural unavoidable consequences. A natural defence mechanism is that our bodies change brain architecture, our limbic (emotional) brain creates more direct neural connections to a brain structure central to hormonal regulation called the hypothalamus [#003], depression and anxiety are then generated with a direct effect on hormonal regulation. This is a defence mechanism and we address this by understanding how to destress and increase our stress threshold so that we have more space before the defence mechanism kicks in. It also means that we must learn to recover and reset our neuro-endocrine balance after the unavoidable consequences of prolonged stressful periods. Anxiety and depression become red flags and warning signals that we have gone way beyond our healthy limits.

Adaptogens preparedness and wellness support

Put simply adaptogens are part of our preparedness strategy, we are increasing our active wellness range[#003, #004]. But like all resources if we overuse and abuse them, we do so at our peril, as our current ecological and climate crisis is teaching us. We engage in antifragile wellness practices before the stressful period, because when they arrive it is almost too late. Almost! Because there are always thing that we can do. What we can’t do is avoid the consequences by pretending that they are not there.

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