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3 Adaptogens You Should Know About #004

3 Adaptogens You Should Know About #004

Feb 05, 2022

This advice assumes that you will buy the powdered herb and not waste your money on extracts. Just get the whole herb. They are food grade herbs, so use them regularly and benefit from the array of phytonutrients they contain. They have been used like this for millennia and it works! At some point I will talk about constituents but for now, at the beginning of our journey the emphasis is to get your libido energy up, energised and active.

Everybody thinks Ginseng but …

Everybody thinks ginseng and it is a really popular wonder-herb. It delivers fast certain results but you need to understand how to use it safely. Its success is often the problem and can swiftly upset your body’s balance. Ginseng is heating, drying and stimulating and so is best used in well crafted formulas. The adaptogenic herbs I am sharing with you are quite easy and safe to use alone, regularly.

Ashwagandha – Smell of the horse

Imagine the stamina of a horse! In Ayurvedic medicine this iron rich, root is used to give stallion like stamina (the plant smells like stallion sweat). It is considered a vigour and libido enhancing, mind stimulating herb. If you are an entrepreneur suffering from the opposite of any of these conditions then Ashwagandha is excellent. It relaxes, regenerates and stimulates. It is used to improve sperm count in men and to treat women who frequently miscarry. I use this adaptogen in patients with low thyroid function, especially when they are languid, with damp skin and cold hands and feet. It is also useful as an immune strengthening tonic.

How to use: sprinkle half a teaspoon of the powdered dried root on your cereal or porridge in the morning. Add half a teaspoon to your smoothies. Use twice daily regularly for at least 2 weeks. Remember that the point is support, so be regular in usage.

This herb should not be used if you have been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid, if you suffer from haemochromatosis (excessive iron levels) or you are on prescription barbiturates.

Rhodiola – Artic golden root

This Viking root was used for mental and physical endurance. Need I say more? It is traditionally used to strengthen lungs, mental focus, circulation and immune function. Chinese emperors would send special expeditions to Siberia to obtain this stamina enhancing root. I use this herb to strengthen libido, mental focus and resilience, and to enhance endurance. In Siberia it is used to prepare for wet long winters and is given as a pre-wedding gift to enhance fertility. Try it and tell me why you think entrepreneurs should use it.

How to use: Add half a teaspoon to your smoothie. Make a tea with half a teaspoon and drink once to twice daily.

Tip: A smoothie is a complete meal!

Catuaba – Cocaine’s little brother

This Amazonian herb is close to my heart (I grew up in the Amazon). Catuaba is a bark used to enhance libido and to treat depression and anxiety. It is used with another herb Muira puama to treat erectile dysfunction and low libido in women and men. Vitalising Bitters contains both of these adaptogens, have a look at the ingredients. High doses are famous for causing very vivid (libido enhancing) dreams. We also use it topically to treat skin cancer. Used internally I have seen it remove moles (they grow rapidly and fall off). This stimulates circulation, improves mood, increases sexual stamina and desire. I recently had a husband call me for help, due to the increase in his wife’s libido after using Catuaba, the poor fellow couldn’t keep up! Can you guess what I told him to use?

How to use: Add quarter to half teaspoon to your smoothies, or make a tea once to twice daily. These doses are designed to increase your general libido energy, with a gradual steady increase in sexual desire.

Don’t overdo this herb. Really! I am warning you! Don’t overdo it!

Remember this is a close cousin to the coca plant (from which cocaine is extracted). Coca leaves are used as an adaptogen across South and Central America.

Tip: This is an interesting smoothie mix. Ashwagandha ½ tsp, Rhodiola ¼ tsp, Catuaba ¼ tsp & Ginger ¼ tsp. Keep to these dimensions Ashwagandha: Rhodiola: Catuaba: Ginger 2:1:1:1.

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