Four Good Ways to Handle Your BIG Graphi ...

Four Good Ways to Handle Your BIG Graphic Design and Marketing Needs

Mar 30, 2024

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Let’s be honest. You are launching that new business or product, and you want to present in the most professional way possible. You don’t want to give off “broke and barely making it”. You want to attract customers/clients who feel like your business looks trustworthy. While some are perfectly ok with launching without websites, professional emails or promotional marketing, logos or any consistent branding , you may find yourself wanting  a little more and there are several options for you to select from that you can fit into your ever evolving budget.



Launched in 2010, Fiverr serves as a platform where freelancers and businesses (and regular consumers) can connect to get various tasks completed. You can find some reasonable rates to do basic projects.

You can read and give reviews and find freelancers using a variety of search topics based on your needs.  Some freelancers are even open to negotiation and changes to offers. And once you find a good one, you are likely to stick with them for future projects.

Once you create an account, you can start browsing for freelancers and gigs that solve your business needs.  From handling payment exchanges to enforcing deadlines and more, Fiverr tries to make the process as seamless and user-friendly as possible.

Take your time and look at several gigs and freelancer options available before making a decision and beware of poor sellers who offer poor quality products or who don’t honor their obligations. Ask for samples and be sure you communicate clearly and include EVERY SINGLE detail about your request. Fiverr also provides support so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

If you are not organized, often find yourself lost and confused with basic tech or websites, then this platform may not work for you. However, if it does it can be a great hassle free experience.

To Get started, Sign up on Fiverr today.


Canva is another awesome platform you can use as a resource. The ability to be self-taught and learn Canva is extremely easy on the entrepreneur who has a full schedule and a business to run. It may not be what the pro’s use, but the end results can help you keep up with the Jones.

You see templates etc. being sold all over now just for the Canva platform, so your options are endless in creating marketing, your next social media post or your next digital product. They provide all the base resources to making professional and affordable graphic designs. And if your budget allows, you can also access premium items. From videos, reels, stock photos, templates and more, Canva can meet all your basic business needs.

To Get started, Sign up on Canva Today!


COLLAB ON 99designs by Vista

Launched in 2008 and similar to Fiverr, 99designs by Vista serves as a segway for designers and businesses to meet and collaborate. You can hire professional designers from a wide range of budgets.

You can get everything from business cards, websites, advertising, packaging, book covers and illustration to full brand kits depending on your needs. Sometimes just finding a designer is the hard part and 99designs by Vista makes it easier for you.


Skillshare is an online-based learning platform where you can level up those skills needed to reduce the amount of people you need to hire. You can connect with industry professionals who have provided educational videos where you can learn, improve and nurture your own creativity. Consider it a school for those willing to put in a little elbow grease to add to their knowledge base.

The broad list of online classes are available for you to access on your own schedule and are taught by creators, entrepreneurs, and professionals located all around the globe.

You can even take courses on using some of the aforementioned options. There are courses on creating videos, publishing a book, graphic design and building a website. Consider it higher education and join the community now!

All of these ideas are great for startups but once you find a workflow that works for you, you may find that these options work even once your business is established and has a bigger budget. Why not save if you can?

Whatever you choose, just be sure to put your best foot forward and launch with intention!

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