Warmup ‘Noodle’

Jan 29, 2024

No, it’s not a pot noodle or Chinese takeaway (…!) but a warmup based around 5 Stroke Ruffs, Flams and (I’m pretty sure) a paradiddle too…I sound a bit vague as this was made up on the spot when a school student didn’t turn up due to illness. I do use these to warmup and in fills but this time they were strung together to create this little warmup. I think it works…it’s not set on stone and can be altered, rearranged and I’m sure improved on. This is generally referred to as noodling…and can lead to other creative ideas which I like. I hope you like this too. There are lessons on 5 stroke ruffs and flams on the channel…just use the search.

Alan 🥁


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