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Book 6 Portrait

Book 6 Portrait

Jun 24, 2021

So normally the extra book illustrations don't get posted at all - I keep them book exclusive. 

But I decided I had to draw the aged up kids for Book 6... even tho its a bit of a spoiler where it is?? I still feel like I had to draw them as like - teens at SOME point and showing off their look to their age, which is normally the portrait page in the feels right is the point. 

ANYWAY I drew it and I realized it would be a good way to also just- SHARE how I would draw the 'kids' at these ages so I'm sharing this one extra illustration publicly so everyone gets the chance to at least see it. XD

Book 6 is almost ready for printing! This was the last thing I had to do before just dumping the files into their format for a zip folder! 


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