50 days and counting ....

50 days and counting ....

Jan 30, 2021

March 22nd is right around the corner and we are busy preparing for the start of our Appalachian Trail thru hike.

There are lots of things to consider when planning a trip like this and Shari and I are happy that we have the "first day of school" bugs worked out from our trip last year. We know what we need to do, what we need to bring, and what to expect when we set foot on the trail for the first time this year.

Are we less nervous and stressed now compared to this time last year? Yes, and no. Less nervous because we know exactly what we are in for. More nervous because we know EXACTLY what we are in for!

I think in a lot of ways we are better prepared this time around. We have better gear. We have experience setting up camp tired, cold, and wet at the end of the day. We know how much our feet will hurt first thing in the morning. We know how important food is to help us climb up that never ending hill (a little info for you - PUDs suck!).

The big difference with our start this year is that we have not been consistently working on our physical strength like we were last year. We are both terribly out of shape and are hoping the hills we have to climb have lots of opportunities to stop and take in the view (catch our breath) along the way.

What we do know is that our bodies will adapt and we can expect to feel stronger and to be moving faster in just a few weeks. It's just working through the exhaustion and mental fatigue right out of the gate that's tough.

Head over to our YouTube channel to follow our adventure of a lifetime! We will be posting a video every day we are on trail (with a two-week delay) and would love for you to walk along with us!


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