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Feb 23, 2021

In 16 days we will leave our hometown of Ritzville, WA and start our cross country drive to North Carolina. We will be taking our time (weather depending) and hope to make a few stops along the way to see some sights. The last few times we made a trip like this, we were on a tight schedule and didn’t have the luxury of taking a side road or two. Our plans are to make it to our friend Susan’s place in Jasper, IN on or before March 18th and spend a few days with her before continuing on to Franklin, NC where we have booked a stay at Chica and Sunsets hostel for two nights before getting back on the trail .......

In 28 days! On March 22nd we will be starting our journey north on the Appalachia Trail from Wayah Bald. We are hoping the road to the summit is open as it is usually closed from the first of January until the first of April due to weather. It was open when we left the trail on March 22nd last year. If it is not open, we will have to retrace our steps and make the 4.2 mile climb up from Wayah Gap to the top. That is a bugger of a climb, so keep your fingers crossed that we don’t have to do it over again!

Whatever the case may be, we will be thrilled to be back on the trail and will take each step with a smile! Thanks for following our adventures and supporting our fun! If you haven’t watched our YouTube videos we invite you to visit our channel and subscribe. A video will be posted every day from the trail highlighting our ups and downs (literally, up mountains and down mountains) and we look forward to sharing each moment with you!


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