Tales Of Adar (Iakath's Quest Part 3)

Tales Of Adar (Iakath's Quest Part 3)

Feb 17, 2021

Did we make it? Asked Aervos, I can't see anything I'm so cold I can't make a fire. That was a strange storm, it blocked us in with a wall of ice said Iakath. What a dark and cold world the Creators have made, yet strangely beautiful. Then Iakath contemplates to himself, could I be making a mistake by going on this quest for the twisted creators? The demons will desecrate this world and its people and creatures. Nonsense! Said Aervos, for Iakath was thinking so much about this he spoke what he was thinking. This world and its people have nearly destroyed my kind by hunting us. If they were left without council from the Agregari the would destroy themselves said Aervos. The humans especially are ignorant of the beauty and the world around them. When I find my love, we will create hordes of Dragons once again and we will feast on the humans! I believe there is much more to the humans than what you see Aervos, said Iakath. They have the resilience to live and prosper in this world of darkness. I have never felt a cold such as this and I admire them for surviving in it. Somehow I feel like I've been here before, the longer I spend here I have more visions of it as If they are memory and not visions. Did a chunk of ice crack your skull when we were running from the storm? Asked Aervos, we have never been here. We need to get going and find a way out of this cave, I think I am warm enough to make a fire now. So then Aervos spits fire and a vein of coal lit up the cave wall revealing a cave going deeper into the mountain. The two walked down the cave till they came to a bottomless pit. The air smelled strange but they thought nothing of it and Iakath grabbed some of the coal that was lit up and threw it down the pit to see what it would reveal. As the fireball descended it revealed a slimy black wall that seemed to be moving and the fire disappeared into the black. I can fly down and light the way to see how far it goes said Aervos upon saying this a very deep guttural sound was made and two large eyes appeared at the bottom of the pit. The growling started getting louder and as the eyes began to move, the cave began to shake. Swarms of strange small creatures flew from the walls and a loud flapping sound began echoing in the pit.

There is part 3 of Iakath's quest for you guys, please let me know how you are enjoying the story so far and what do you think the monster is that Iakath and Aervos are going to face in part 4?... Find out tomorrow!

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