Tales Of Adar -Iakath's Quest (Part 2)

Tales Of Adar -Iakath's Quest (Part 2)

Feb 02, 2021

After stepping off the land bridge, Iakath and Aervos enter into a blizzard atop The Mount Of The Badex, one of the highest peaks in Northern Adar. The snow was falling so fast they could not see five feet in front of them. As they slowly made their way down they found a cave where they made shelter and waited out the storm all night. After the long cold night, they woke up to clear skies. They were so high, the rest of The Fire Drake Mountain Range accept that of Dragon's Peak. Although more than a year's journey away towered even higher than The Mount Of The Badex.

By the great creator's hand! said Iakath, standing in awe of Dragon's Peak. Akiroth said I would find my love, the last Dragon on Adar there in the fortress of my Ancestors, said Aervos. The people of Adar have not been there since The Battle Of The Heavens in the sky. It is a remarkable sight, said Iakath, but we must find a way off this mountain, have you enough strength to carry me down? Asked Iakath. I have not replied Aervos, but I can scout out the mountain and find the best way down.

Leaping from the mountain ledge, Aervos began to look for a safe path down and did not return till the end of that day, so Iakath waited in the cave they had sheltered in the night before. At dusk, Aervos returned to Iakath. It is so far down that it will take days to find a way off said Aervos said Aervos in frustration. Thinking to himself I should just leave Iakath to his quest and go to the home of my ancestors.

Did you find a pathway down? asked Iakath. Yes, I believe I did said Aervos with a strange look on his face. There is a cave about halfway down, I believe it will lead us to the south side of the mountain where it will be safe to walk the rest of the way down. We will stay here again for the night and make our way down to the cave entrance in the morning said Iakath.

Waking up just before dawn Iakath saw very large storm clouds on the horizon heading towards them. Wake up Aervos, we must make way down the mountain before that storm hits! I'm not waiting out another storm! We will not make it a mile before the storm hits, it will take a day to reach the cave entrance said Aervos. Remembering a spell Ikiroth taught him, Iakath says, hang on to me Aervos, and don't let go! Reciting the spell Iakath is able to open up a small gateway from one place to another a short distance away. Doing this over and over saved a lot of time and within an hour they made it to the cave entrance just as the massive ice storm hit and blocked them in the cave with a massive block of ice.

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